Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Adventures in Fabric

It turns out, with kids, keeping on top of crafting is hard!

I still make things (mostly for my kids) but I no longer have the time it seems to take pictures and make detailed steps on what I'm cooking or sewing or doing.
But I did design some fabric!
And made a cute little baby drool bib out of it!

 If you life my fabric you can purchase it here.

Life just keeps on!

Mrs A.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gobble Gobble till I Wobble

I have been a bit occupied lately.

I had a baby.

And he is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
(I'm a bit biased of course.)

This Little Man of mine takes up most of my time these days.
And any leftover time has been used on important things.

Like figuring out how to take a shower and actually have time to condition my hair.

The blog took a little bit of a back burner.

However, we have managed to get life back to being a little organized and I even managed to put up a few fall decorations to herald in the season change!

We are hosting Thanksgiving at my home this year (because really, who doesn't want to spend Turkey Day with an adorable bundle of joy?) and we have got our Gobble on!

And speaking of gobblers... Isn't this one so cute?! 

To have your own cute gobbler you can make one of these! 

(yes that is a Transformer in the back corner, they make excellent presents for husbands who like to take things apart and then put them back together)

I made these last year off of a pin I found on Pinterest. It led me to a great tutorial on U Create

I made four of these gobblers (one for me and 3 for ladies that I visit from my church) and it cost me less than $5 in supplies. The turkey faces are free paint stirrers, the 2x4 blocks came from Home Depot at a whopping total of 59cents for four, and the rest was just paint and scrapbook paper scraps! 

I just think they are so cute and I was so happy to pull mine out of my fall storage bin and put him up on display this year! 

Gobble Gobble! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Man

My Hubby loves ties.

Which is great for me because that is what he will be getting for the next 10 Father's Days!


Sort of.

But it was definitely the present of choice this year for Father's Day.
Only I wanted to make it extra special because we have our little guy joining us later this year!

It took me longer than planned to make this tie, mostly because our home was in dissarray due to packing, and I had to clean up an area to work on.
Then put all the mess back before he got home so he wouldn't be suspicious.

I know I know... The word Crazy has floated around my head after reading that... however it's true.
And it was less hassle than actually packing.

I wanted it to be a total surprise!
And I wanted them to have matching ties!

Finding a baby tie tutorial on the internet?
Piece. Of. Cake.

Finding a man size tie?
Way way less easy.

As in the options were skinny tie (which doesn't really float our boats) or some crazy ridiculously complicated patterns that cost money.

Hubby is fairly particular about his ties.
I was not going to go through all that effort and not have it instantly become his favorite tie ever!

And then I found Hideous Dreadful Stinky! Solution found.
Thank you Marigold, author of that blog, for posting this wonderful tutorial on how to turn a Man's Tie into a Baby Tie.
You Rock.

I went to Target and got two inexpensive ties. One that could be mildly altered for Hubby. And one that I could rip apart and resew for baby!

Now we were talking!

Hubby's favorite movie lately has been Captain America. So I decided to make them subtly themed Captain America ties. Red white and blue with a little star tribute to the Captain.

I gathered my supplies.

And had Marigold's directions handy. 

This part was the absolute scariest for me - it's pretty much the first thing you do. 
Measure and cut. 
It seemed so final. 

I hesitated for probably 20 minutes trying to decide what the right length would be. 
I finally settled for the same length as in her tutorial. I figured I would adjust the next part so it could be for babies and grow into toddlers, so the length could be a little long for a little dude. 
Afterwards it was a breeze to move from step to step. 

The next step was to make the knot. 
This is where I got excited because mine looked just like hers! 
I was on the right track! 

I had to use a few more pins that she did. 
I later discovered that my iron was not on a hot enough setting. 
So make sure you check your iron. I bet it would be easier!

This part was a breeze.
Don't stress if your lines are not exact on this part. There is absolutely no way to tell on the finished product.

This part was a little tricky. I don't have a lot of experience with basting or gathering. 
It took two tries. 
Definitely worth the second try. 

This part I did by hand. If you don't have a thimble, get one. 
Your thumbs will thank you. 

Next it was time for the neck part of this neck tie. 

Marigold has an option in her tutorial that uses elastic and would probably be a super quick finish. 
Or she has also provided an alternative option using velcro at Crafting with My Cubs
I elected for the alternative option. So I went over to the next site. 

I couldn't really tell how much of the long skinny part of the tie I would need to use for the neck part, because the measurements are specified, and I didn't already have a baby tie to compare it with. 
So I pretended to put it around one of the baby outfits that I have, to get an idea of a neck size. 
Then I gave it a little extra and decided to make the velcro bit extra long so that it would be very adjustable. 

It was pretty easy to sew following the directions. 

The tricky hard part was then turning it right side out!
It took me a good bit of time.
But the sturdiness was worth the hassle.

Use a pair of clean tweezers to pull the fabric through.
I figured that out about half way through and it saved my sanity.

Press it flat like she says and then iron your velcro on! I used about 2 extra inches than she did because I wanted mine to fit around little baby necks and toddler necks. I also stitched mine down to be extra solid. Boys tend to be rough with their stuff. 

I just love how the little guy tie looks just like a miniature version of a big guy tie!

The iron on stars and labels are my own little touch. 

I can't wait to see my little man all dressed up like his daddy! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Land of Lost Cups

We have a lot of cups.

We actually have a lot of slurpee cups if you want to get super specific.
I may have had a slurpee addiction when I worked mornings. It was a daily requirement to stop at 7-11 and get a slurpee and a crossiant.
Breakfast of champions.

However, I have noticed something about Hubby.

He uses a lot of cups.

And they get left everywhere.

I'll get up some mornings (because Hubby leaves earlier than I am usually functional these days) and I will find two, sometimes three, half full cups on either side of the sink.

He goes through 3 cups before he leaves for work.

And then he of course no longer remembers which cup is the current cup when he gets home. So there is is a new cup for dinner.

And then probably another new cup after dinner because he will forget he left his dinner cup in the living room when we went to watch TV.

It's a good thing I have a lot of cups.

When I was little, I had this same philosophy towards cups that my Hubby has. I needed a new cup every time I got a drink.

My Grandma used to baby sit me and my sister once or twice a week.
And she was not having the multiple cup situation!
She would have us pick out a cup for the day, and then it would sit at "our" seat at the kitchen table. And when we wanted a drink we used that cup.
No ifs ands or buts.

It was quite the transition for my little 6 year old self.
But it stuck a little bit.

And I now use the same cup all day long.

Since our kitchen table gets used for crafting and sewing and projects and bill paying and not just eating, leaving our cups on the table was not an option.

So when I saw an idea on pinterest to have a little line up of coasters on the kitchen counter, and each family member leaves their cup on that, I knew that was going to be a good solution for us!
Since we were moving, I decided it would be the perfect time to establish this new routine.

Then all I had to do was make the coasters!

I had seen several tutorials on pinterest, but didn't really have the supplies for them all on hand, and didn't feel like going to the store for specific items. So I winged it.

While we were in Lowe's picking up drill bits for Hubby we grabbed some tumbled marble tiles too. A box of 9 tiles is $3.95.

When I got the tiles home I wiped them down with a damp cloth (they had marble dust or something all over them and seemed sort of powdery).

Then I gathered my supplies.
I had some acid free scrapbook quality ink pads, and a few stamps with pretty designs on them.
And some sharpie markers in complimenting colors.

Then I used one of the more bumpy looking tiles to practice and see which one I liked best.

I decided I liked the blue ink best, and it actually looks great with the colors in my living room. Then I divided the tiles up and I decorated some, and Hubby decorated some. 

Then we put them in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes to set the ink. 
(It seemed pretty set before hand, water didn't make the ink run, but I wanted to be extra sure.

Then of course they were hot and took about 15 more minutes to cool down for handling. 
Then I took them outside and sprayed them with a coat of clear spray paint. 
Top and bottom. 

Then the next day I hot glued down some little felt feet so that they wouldn't scuff any furniture up! 

They are now sitting on our new kitchen counter. I picked out my favorite, and Hubby picked out his. The rest are waiting for company to use. 

Hubby's favorite is the one above, mine is the one below. 

I love how they turned out! 
Now we will just have to see if they work on cutting down our cup per day usage... 

Friday, August 17, 2012

All That Sparkles

I have had a pink phone case, that I got for $1 at a garage sale, for several months now. Just waiting for me to decorate it, or do something cool with it.

Two weeks ago I decided to make it a pink argyle case!

I got a sheet of pink duct tape from the craft store (the sheets are so much handier than the rolls for this kind of project!) and dug a magenta fine tip sharpie out of my art supply box.
I was ready to go.

It turns out making an argyle pattern out of tape is not as easy as you would think it would be.

So I traced my phone case onto a piece of paper.
Then I traced an argyle pattern that I had printed out from the internet onto the "case pattern".
Then I flipped my newly minted pattern over and traced the pencil markings into the duct tape.
Old school but totally works.

Then I cut out all my cute little squares and applied them to my phone case.
Then created the finishing stitch details with the sharpie.

I was pretty pleased with the initial results.

And then life hit. 
Day-in-day-out life where your phone gets crammed in your pocket, and purse, and gets dropped and exposed to the elements. 
And the tape corners peel up just a little bit, and those peeled corners pick up just a little bit of lint from your pockets and the bottom of your purse. 
And the sharpie stitches rub off a little bit so they aren't so clean and nice anymore (which really, I thought sharpie was supposed to be permanent?? Did they change their formula or something??). 

And your phone case doesn't look newly decorated anymore but a little bit worn out. 
In just two short weeks. 

So sad! 

So I pulled the tape off and tried to think of what to do next. 

And I saw this pin on pinterest: 

I had pinned it awhile back and forgotten about it somewhat. 

And was struck that THAT would be the perfect thing to do! 

The pin takes you to the I Am Style-Ish blog, where she has great instructions on how to do this! 

I wasn't sure exactly how it would work out. 
It's basically a 1 part mod podge, to 2 parts glitter recipe. 

But I followed what she did. 
I even went to the store to get actual mod podge. 
It's a little bit soupy-er than the knock off brands, which is essential here. 
And you definitely want Matte, not Glossy.  

And I had to get Martha Stewart glitter. Her glitter is a lot finer than most glitters, and has a great iridescent collection that is perfect because it goes on easily with just two coats without being clumpy or thick. 
I chose the iridescent bubble gum color to compliment my pink phone case. 

You mix the glitter and the mod podge in a little cup and then apply with a sponge to whatever you want to glitter-fy. 
It's awesome. 

I did two coats on my phone and LOVED the finished results. 

Love Love Love! 

And because I eyeballed the glitter/mod podge mixture, I had a bit extra left over. 

And with how happy I was with my phone case I couldn't bear to let it go to waste. 

So I started looking around for something else to glitter. 

And noticed a lovely purple vase that had just been unpacked from our move. 

And decided it needed a little sparkle. 

So I used the rest of the glitter on that! I loved how it turned out! 
The iridescent glitter picked up the purple from the vase and it made the glitter a lot more purple than the pink that came out on my phone. 

My recommendation is to look around and see what could use a little sparkle in your life and then try this! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Burps

I found some of the cutest Halloween fabric in the craft store the other day!
I had to get it and make something with it for baby.
We are ready for Halloween now!

Let me back up and clarify.

I love Halloween.

The fun cute trick or treat side.

Definitely not so much the scary dark twisted side.

I like scarecrows and pumpkins and orange leaves and cute costumes for candy. Pumpkin pie, fall harvest themes, and adorable pumpkin carvings make me so happy!

Now that that is clear.
Back to the cute fabric!

I knew just what I wanted to make with it - burp cloths.

Cute and fall themed it was perfect for when baby is just a few months around Halloween time.

I used this tutorial at SewinSanity that I found on Pinterest. It was pretty clear cut and easy to follow.
And I just love how these turned out!

I am ready for those baby burps!